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CLCC Affiliate Terms of Use

The CLCC will be offering program participants an affiliate referral fee of $500 per person who is referred and who completes the training. If you are interested in becoming an affiliate, here’s what you need to know.

How we track affiliates: With many affiliate/referral fee systems, there’s a “buy now” button. However, because the process of signing up for the CLCC is not a spontaneous purchase, and because it requires an application process, follow-up phone call, etc., we don’t have a “buy now” button.

This means that we track affiliates through referral links. How do you get your unique referral link? You sign up to become an affiliate. We approve you, and you get your unique referral link.

If you share your referral link on social media or via your website, people click it and that click is stored in the visitor’s browser. If they decide to register for the program, later, the click they’ve made links up when they process their deposit.

This is called cache-based referral and most merchants, social media sites, etc., do it. We are not tracking anyone’s private information or following what they do on the internet (ew, creepy!). Someone can clear their cache at any time.

The reason we do things this way is because sometimes a trainee might refer someone to the program and then when we ask, “How did you find out about the program?” the person doesn’t remember. If you use the referral link, the system just flags their deposit when they pay it, letting us know, “Mary Jane referred this person, so she gets the $500 affiliate fee.”

Cache Clearing: Sometimes, people decide to clear their browser’s cache. That would delete the affiliate tracking from their system. In order to try to accurately track all referrals, we’ll still ask all applicants to the program how they heard about us, and will record you as the referral in such cases.

A few other notes:

● If someone signs up for the CLCC, starts completing the year, etc., and then you learn about that later, the affiliate fee wouldn’t apply. For tax and business expense purposes, we’d need to know if someone is your affiliate referral, prior to start of the year in January.

● Disbursement of affiliate referral fees is handled via PayPal payout, and the affiliate (you) are responsible for any PayPal-related fees that are deducted.

● Occasionally, we’ve had a situation where one person referred an applicant, but someone else talked to them about the program, as well. In such cases, we feel the fair thing to do would be to split the affiliate commission.

● Affiliate fees are paid only for those trainees who make all tuition payments. In other words, if you refer someone and they enroll for the upcoming year, and then they disappeared halfway through the training and left us with unpaid tuition, then unfortunately we need to refer that account to collections (yuck) and wouldn’t be able to offer the affiliate fee on top of that. Partial affiliate payouts are not given if a referral makes partial payments.

● Affiliate payments are disbursed in one lump sum in September of each training year.

● For amounts in excess of $500 (in other words, if you had two referrals totaling
$1,000USD), we will need a W-9 on file so that we can properly file our taxes. All payments are made electronically, so your own tax documentation will come through PayPal.

● Information needed for tax filing purposes is required prior to making any payout. In other words, if we request your W-9 or other tax-related information and do not receive it in a timely manner after the request, the payout is delayed until the information we request has been received. Other information may be requested, in order to comply with all filing laws.

● For those people who are international or who are not U.S. citizens, if we need a document from you that records that we paid an international affiliate, it’s the international affiliate’s responsibility to ensure that the CLCC has all documents needed for tax filing, prior to U.S.-imposed IRS deadlines. Typically, that’s January 30th. We’ll let you know if we need any documentation.

● Affiliate income must be reported as income to the IRS and/or your taxation authority. The CLCC is not responsible for reporting the income on your behalf.

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