Announcing the 2019 Leadership Team - Courageous Living Coach Certification
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I’m so thrilled to announce our 2019 Leadership Team for the Courageous Living Coach Certification!

Lead Coaches for 2019: Valerie Tookes, Lara Heacock, Liz Applegate, and Paula Jenkins. Liz will be doing double-duty, also acting as Mentor Coach Coordinator for our 2019 year.

Mentor Coaches: Lisa Chartrand and Sarah Silvas will be returning for our 2019 year. New 2018 graduates Nariah Broadus, Kahea Pacheco, Kim Kimball, and Mackenzie Eason will join us as Mentor Coaches for 2019.

What is the Leadership Team? While I personally teach the majority of all lesson content, from the beginning of the CLCC’s inception I’ve felt it was important that our trainees learn a diverse skill-set of coaching. They shouldn’t go through our program learning how to “coach like Kate.” Instead, everyone coming through our program should be learning from different coaches with different coaching styles, and connecting to their own intuitive impulses, to develop their own organic and self-styled coaching approach. This keeps the craft of coaching open, light, fluid, and far more enjoyable–and it provides better, more innovative and helpful coaching for your clients.