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Become a life coach

So you want to become a life coach (or maybe just check it out and see what’s involved in working as a professional life coach). The next question is how you become a life coach : Is training required? How do you start?

Life coaching is an interesting industry, one that has evolved rapidly particularly in the past decade. A number of small training programs have sprung up that are alternatives to larger coach training programs that used to dominate the industry. You now have a range of options for training to become a life coach and you can choose the programs that are the best fit for you. Do you want something large and methodical? Or something small and personalized?

When we were designing the curriculum for the Courageous Living Coach Certification, one thing that we felt was important for anyone wanting to become a life coach is to model our curriculum after the International Coach Federation’s Core Competencies. Because we cover the ICF Core Competencies and make sure that our “synchronous” and “asynchronous” hour ratios are within the guidelines that they recommend, graduates of our program can optionally apply for ICF certification through the “ACC Portfolio track” if they desire certification through the ICF. No program can guarantee that the ICF will certify its graduates since the ICF is its own entity. The Courageous Living Coach Certification is, in and of itself, its own certification.

To become a life coach , certification through any entity is not required. We recommend that anyone who wants to become a life coach makes a point of receiving some kind of training, but certification itself is not required in order to work with clients. We consider all graduates of our program to be certified life coaches and our graduates page of life coaches highlights their diverse skill-sets.

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