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can you make money life coaching?

Can you make money life coaching?

As in, can you make money–can you make a real living–as a professional life coach?


You can decide to niche in many different directions, if a niche and the freedom of entrepreneurship calls to you. The Courageous Living Coach Certification offers, in addition to our core training, additional training opportunities in different niches: executive coaching, somatic coaching, career coaching, health and wellness coaching.

You can develop your skill-set and make connections in the corporate world, potentially securing an in-house coaching position as a Leadership Development specialist.

People ask, “Can you make money life coaching?” when they’re afraid that the money won’t come–and that’s a really reasonable fear.

Build Yourself a Runway

In the Courageous Living Coach certification, we use the metaphor of “building a runway.” For a plane to take flight, it needs a combination of velocity and runway in order for wings to catch air. A lot of velocity, without enough runway, won’t do it. A long runway, but not enough velocity, won’t work, either.

To make money life coaching, you’ve got to have the velocity (the investment of your time into marketing) with a long enough runway (the consistency of your marketing approach, over time, allowing it to build).

In our training program, we want you to learn the coaching skill-set–and take advantage of our included marketing training, which is offered for both basic and advanced coaches because some of our coaches are coming to the training with some marketing experience.