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career coaching certification

career coaching certification

How do we find the work that we (truly) love?

And how do we make the transition to that work, when we’ve got bills to pay and responsibilities that we can’t ignore, in the meantime?

These are some of the questions that clients in need of career coaching will seek to answer.

The coach who finishes this training will be able to help her clients make successful career transitions. The coach will feel proficient in helping her clients to assess what isn’t working in the current career, clarify the scope of the new desired career, and navigate the emotional changes that accompany that change.

Career coaching is a particularly hot niche in the life coaching industry, because it’s so common for people to navigate career changes at different life stages–whether that’s determining what one wants to do at the beginning of one’s career, or figuring out how to make a mid-life career change. Career coaching is also utilized in the corporate world, as businesses help their employees make long-term plans for growth within a company.

Career Coaching Coordinator: Nariah Broadus

Dates: August – September. See the CLCC Continuing Ed catalogue for required call dates and times.
Open to: current/past participants of the CLCC
Registration deadline: June 16
Cost: $495