Ep29: Step In To Your Moxie

Some of the most common things you’ll be helping clients with his how to step into greater visibility, find their voice, make an impact. In my interview with speaking coach Alexia Vernon, we talk about the essential questions for doing just that, and we also get into how feminism can be integrated into your client […]

Ep 28: building confidence as a coach

How can you be a life coach, if you still have your own life problems? Let’s get into that and talk about building confidence as a coach, including how and when to ethically work out your own personal struggles without impacting your clients.

Ep 27: somatic coaching

Most people are only familiar with cognitive-behavioral coaching techniques, but in this episode I’m getting into how you can use somatic coaching in your coaching practice (including identifying when it’s not a good idea to use somatic coaching with clients).

Ep 26: multipotentialite coaching with Sarah Silvas

Sarah Silvas is a classic multi-potentialite: she’s a coach, yoga instructor, restorative justice leader, artist, and more. Instead of thinking that she has to give up on one of these and “just focus,” she weaves all of these elements into her practice. In today’s interview, we talk about how to make being a multi-potentialite a […]

Ep 25: coaching for introverts with lisa chartrand

Think that you’re too introverted to become a coach? Lisa Chartrand would disagree. In this interview, I talk with Lisa about how she came to defy stereotypes about introverts and embrace being an introvert in her life and in her coaching business. Those who are introverted or who want to learn more practical skills for […]