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Certified life coach

certified life coach

How do you become a certified life coach ? Currently, the coaching industry does not require that you become a certified life coach in order to have a practice. The Courageous Living Coach Certification models its certification requirements after the International Coach Federation’s standards, covering all of the Core Competencies and including more than 75 “real time” hours of instruction. In our program, you’re not just learning about the coaching skill-set through a series of worksheets and videos—you’re learning from real life coaches with real industry experience.

You can become a certified life coach through the CLCC, by which we mean become certified in the methodology of our life coach training program. We require a final graduation portfolio from all of our trainees, more than 60 one-on-one hours, and we have an exit call with every graduate to review their coaching progress during the time in our program. Once you are a certified life coach through our program, you can begin taking on clients (and in fact, we encourage you to start taking on paying clients even before you finish your formal graduation requirements).

Unlike some other programs, we do not require any extra fees for certification through our program. Certification is included in our tuition (information on tuition costs and installment plans for our training are in our course catalogue).

Certified Life Coach

If you want to become a certified life coach through the ICF, they have their own certification standards and there will be a few additional requirements to meet (it’s best to review their guidelines). You can use our training program and apply for ICF certification through their ACC Portfolio Path.

Once someone is certified life coach through our program, we highlight them on our featured graduates page (and again, there’s no additional fee for being featured).

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