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Hey hey there! This is Kate Swoboda, aka Kate Courageous. I’m the Director of the Courageous Living Coach Certification and I’m wildly excited (and, yes, a little afraid–but we’re into owning our fear around here, rather than pretending to be “fearless”) to share the Craft of Coaching podcast.

First, here’s what the Craft of Coaching podcast won’t cover: marketing tips. There are already a gazillion of those “how to make money as a life coach” podcasts out there.

Instead, I wanted to do something that really honed in on the craft of life coaching as a skill-set, particularly for people who are considering becoming a life coach. So often, people don’t truly understand what life coaches do and how our work differentiates itself from therapy. So? I figured that’s where we’d start episode one.

As I roll out more episodes, I’ll be sharing interviews with life coaches from all walks of life, exercises and practices that you can undertake and assign to clients, and thoughts on everything from how to go deeper with clients to what it’s “really like” to be a life coach.


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