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Welcome to episode five!

Okay, so the Courageous Living Coach Certification (aka, TribeCLCC) is all about copping to it when we feel fear, rather than trying to pretend to be “fearless.” Fearless doesn’t exist, but practicing courageous life coaching ourselves, and teaching our clients how be more courageous in their lives, is absolutely possible.

So here’s a common fear that life coaches have: a fear of not becoming a great life coach .

When something is your passion, as the craft of coaching is for so many of us, we don’t just want to be life coaches. We want to become great life coaches, truly entering into mastery of the craft.

The paradox is that our fear of not becoming a great life coach ends up being the exact thing that stands in our way (eep!). Today’s Craft of Coaching Podcast gets to the heart of exactly how to sink into becoming a great life coach through trusting in your skill-set and abilities in a new (courageous!) way.

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