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Welcome to Episode Six!

Coaching is often stereotyped as being about helping people to “set goals” and then “remain accountable.” And as you might have already learned in episodes three and four of the Craft of Coaching Podcast, there’s more to our life coaching skill-set, than that. We believe in a holistic life coach training approach that better prepares our graduates to coach the whole person (and not just the “problem” that they happen to bring to the session).

Today’s podcast episode gets down to brass-tacks: your clients are bringing all of their “selves” with them to their sessions. As life coaches, we need to be aware of and have an open, transparent dialogue around all of those aspects of our clients humanity. This includes awareness of their past conditioning and early formative experiences, how intersectionality with race/class/gender and other “isms” in our society might be impacting their ability to progress, and more.

This episode offers help for how to bring a holistic approach to your skill-set when you work with your clients–grab a pen and paper, because you’ll want to take notes and scribble down the sample questions!

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