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executive coaching certification

executive coaching certification

Learn the fundamentals of executive coaching, and you’ll be able to work with clients in the corporate sector on topics such as motivation, leadership development, skills and strengths assessments.

Executive coaching in particular is a widely-popular niche within the coaching industry, and the potential is there to be hired by a corporate business to coach all of their existing employees on topics that improve employee performance.

The ultimate outcome of this training is that someone will know how to help executive coaching clients achieve real change, while meeting the expectations of the corporate gatekeepers (!) who hire her. That balance is what’s tricky about the Executive Coaching field. This training also includes: understanding assessment tools, balancing the needs and expectations of both employees as well as corporate management, learning the administrative differences that apply when finding executive coaching clients versus personal coaching clients.

This is a great niche to undertake if you already work in the corporate world, and would like to start making some linear job moves–perhaps integrating coaching into your existing position or moving to a different, coaching-centric position within your same company.

This is also a great niche to undertake if you already have a background in the corporate world and would like to secure contracts with corporate employers to coach all of their employees.

Executive Coaching Coordinator: Lara Heacock.

Dates: August – September. See the CLCC Continuing Ed catalogue for required calls.
Open to: Past participants/grads of the CLCC, only
Registration deadline: June 16
Cost: $495