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graduate case studies

The Courageous Living Coach Certification program debuted in 2014. Since then, we’ve worked with women from around the world (across the U.S., Canada, Guatemala, Mexico, the Nederlands, Belgium, the U.K., the Phillippines, Italy, and more) and all walks of life (our demographic age range is 25-55). The women who join our program typically have little to no coaching experience when they begin, though some have completed other programs and are joining us to fill in the gaps where their initial training had something missing.

90% of our graduates finish our life coach certification. Based on our surveys, 70% of our life coach certification graduates are creating income from coaching, one year after graduation. Monthly coaching income ranges from $200 to $1500+ each month. Several of our graduates have used their new coaching skill-set at their salaried and corporate jobs, integrating the skill-set for more job satisfaction until they make the full transition to self-employment.

We’re so incredibly proud of our graduates–here are just a few of them that we’re profiling! You can click each graduate’s name to visit their professional website.

Julie Houghton

I’ve lead two in-person workshops that had more than 40 attendees each; created an ebook called 5 Simple Things You Can Do Today To Find Work You Love, and I was invited to be a one of 20 guest experts for an interview series on finding work you love. Other guests included Laura Simms, Pam Slim & of course Kate Courageous

Big moments include:
Having my first month where I made $2000 from coaching;
Having my first month with a roster of 13 clients ;
Having the CEO of, a website that provides career resources to working moms, approach me to ask if she could publish my blog posts on her site (which also gets pushed out to sites like Levo League) & could feature me as a recommended career coach. We are also about to start planning a tele-seminar on career change that I’ll be offering to her audience of moms!



Lara Heacock

I’m most excited about:
1. Signing a contract for my first Professional Association workshop! I’ll be working a three-day national professional association meeting and conducting workshops for the attendees.

2. Taking my work into corporate America. I’ve done speaking gigs for Workshops, and am now creating speeches and workshops for companies and professional networking groups. I’m launching it through word of mouth and professional connections, as I launch

3. I wrote the feature article for my college sorority’s national magazine, with distribution in the thousands. It won the Best Feature award at their National Convention in June and is one of the key pieces that helped me to launch the corporate side of my coaching business.


Paula Jenkins

1. I’m excited about my podcast, Jump Start Your Joy – I’ve been hosting my show for a year now, and it’s been a complete joy to create and produce. I’ve learned so much about myself, interviewed heart centered guests who have taught me amazing things, and connected with an audience in ways I never thought possible.

2. Dream Into Action – I created and led a virtual retreat, with 10 speakers, that spanned a weekend. It was originally meant to be an in person retreat, but one of our speakers was diagnosed with cancer and could not lead with me. I changed the format and invited my CLCC tribe to join me in creating an online retreat. It was a really beautiful weekend. It was amazing getting to host such a cool event, to coach and see my colleagues prepare and coach over the weekend.

3. Jump Start Your Podcast – is now my podcasting bootcamp class; and it’s part project management and how to, and part coaching on what happens when you put yourself out there in a scary new way. The third class will run in October and it’s something I’m excited and proud to have launched (also: getting to interview Danny Wood of New Kids on the Block!).

4. Being accepted as a HuffPo contributor!


Liz Applegate

I’ve launched my podcast, The Midlife Schmidlife Podcast, a weekly show that helps listeners turn their “maybe somedays” into today, which already had close to 400 iTunes subscribers in only 6 weeks. This has been a combination of vulnerability and consistency that I am very proud of for pursuing and succeeding. I have met amazing guests and have been able to help them tell their stories as inspiration to others.

I’m also excited to be airing a Toolbox Series in September and October. The exposure has also led me to be a guest on the podcasts, Parent Entrepreneur Success (airing this month) and ADHD Rewired (airing in September).

A couple of others: I gave a successful presentation to college juniors and seniors on managing stress and overwhelm. Co-led YCP with 0ver 50 participants signing up. I facilitated a solo-led Your Courageous Purpose group that continued for an additional 4 weeks as we worked through exercises on self-compassion. Participating in the 2016 Courage in Action Telesummit and a on the Leadership Team as a mentor coach for the 2016 & 2017 Courageous Living Coach Certification.


Vanessa Soto

I’ve been working with: coaches who want to make coaching their full-time work, coaches who want to keep their business on the side while they are raising their families; coaches who hold down salaried jobs and coach on the side because they adore it and it offers fulfillment.

I created the Doing It On the Side podcast, interviewing entrepreneurs about what it takes to cultivate businesses from their side passion projects.


Shila Soni

I led 2 virtual sessions of Your Courageous Purpose. It was an incredible privilege to help participants create and connect to their unique life vision.
I am now a certified Healthy Boundaries for Kind People Coach.
I was featured by the lovely Allie Tymo for her Live Life on Your Own Terms interview series.
It was an honor to interview the lovely Rachael Maddox for the Courage in Action virtual tele-summit. Her wisdom on courage touched and transformed my life.


Reise Tanner

Three things I have created, launched and been excited about?
Launching my first online program, Rise Doula, which blends my coaching/mentoring skills set with my years of experiencing teaching and as a doula. Rise Mama is coming soon.
I have 1:1 coaching clients that I love working with!
I’ve held my first webinar.
I was interviewed by the fourth trimester podcast.
Some very known people whom I admire and who have influenced me agreed to be interviewed for my program.


Ally Tymoczko

1. Honing in on my message and what it is that I want to contribute to the world constantly excites me (and like everything, it’s a process that continues to shift and evolve), diving into that first piece was key to creating my brand and offerings – which led to the launch of my website,, in late February 2016.

2. Earlier this year, I opened the doors to a free resource library for my tribe to get inspired and motivated by, which includes my eBook; Soul Ablaze: Create Magic Every Day and Live with Intention, and a workbook for moving from stuck to spacious entitled Free Your Mind: Rebel Against Resistance and Get Unstuck, plus additional worksheets and resources that I’m continuing to add to.

3. #SoulSparkChat has been bringing me so much joy lately. #SoulSparkChat is a chat that’s held on Twitter every Tuesday at 9PM EST. It’s grown into such a phenomenal community of people who really encourage and support each other, who are also driven by their own self-development and growth. Each conversation is inspiring and lights a serious fire under your purpose. Some of the topics we’ve talked about so far are living intentionally, how to listen to your intuition, and going from passion to taking action. Click here to read all the details on what the community is about and how to join.

4. You know how they say the small things are really the big things? I’m very mindful to celebrate each moment along the way, a lesson that my daughter continues to teach me, because they really do bring me so much joy. Each client that I have the opportunity to work with, being with someone when they experience a shift in their perspective sending a ripple effect throughout their life, every person who attends #SoulSparkChat, every newsletter subscriber that I have the honour to connect with, the incredible women who I’ve interviewed for the Live Life On Your Terms series, writing a guest post for Kind Over Matter–these are all things that I don’t take for granted, and I can’t wait to see what unfolds next.


Lexi Koch

What I’ve created:

1. Women Who Give, Give, Give and Still Take Care of Themselves Interview Series
2. An amazing Facebook group called Hearing Your Heart
3. An incredible 5 day challenge that brought women inside their hearts and into empathy

Big Moments:

A completely booked schedule of incredible women clients who want to dive all the way in to their hearts in order to know themselves, trust themselves, love themselves and take care of themselves better and then when most of those women “graduated,” new clients stepped right on board!