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health and wellness certification

health and wellness certification

Health and wellness Coaching : Want to help clients in the areas of nutrition, health, and wellness, without buying into society’s (sad) old norms around having the “perfect” body?

With this major concentration, you’ll do a deep dive into what true “wellness” can look like and how to best support your clients as they arrive at their own unique picture of health–all while practicing love and acceptance for their bodies.

The ultimate outcome of this training is that someone will know how to help their clients make health and wellness changes that are supportive of their ultimate health goals while also nourishing the broader picture of their lives.

You’ll also learn: How to help clients establish health and wellness goals that are manageable, realistic for their lives, and nourishing on both personal and physical levels; How to treat health and wellness as an entry point for the larger metaphor of how we live our lives; What the difference is between someone who would benefit from health and wellness coaching, versus someone who is physically unwell and who really needs a referral to an alternative practitioner.

Health and Wellness Coaching Coordinator: Valerie Tookes

Dates: August – September 2019. See the CLCC Continuing Ed catalogue for required call times.
Open to: Past/current participants or grads of the CLCCC.
Registration deadline: June 16, 2019
Cost: $495