registration update

Hey everyone! It’s Kate Swoboda, Director of the Courageous Living Coach Certification, with an update about our 2019 registration. Since April, we have had more applications to the program than ever before–literally, three times as many applications. We don’t accept every application, and we go through a careful review process with each application that we […]

Ep29: Step In To Your Moxie

Some of the most common things you’ll be helping clients with his how to step into greater visibility, find their voice, make an impact. In my interview with speaking coach Alexia Vernon, we talk about the essential questions for doing just that, and we also get into how feminism can be integrated into your client […]

the gift of coaching

I’m releasing a new book: Why Coaching Matters. It’s all about the art of coaching, how we keep our eye on coaching as craft, and how to identify issues within the coaching industry that need correction. Listen in for info about the upcoming book, and keep an eye out for a few upcoming giveaways!

Episode 1: Becoming a Coach

Hey hey there! This is Kate Swoboda, aka Kate Courageous. I’m the Director of the Courageous Living Coach Certification and I’m wildly excited (and, yes, a little afraid–but we’re into owning our fear around here, rather than pretending to be “fearless”) to share the Craft of Coaching podcast. First, here’s what the Craft of Coaching […]