Jackie Visger

Forthcoming 2017 graduate. BIO FORTHCOMING << Back to the graduates page

Loha Raphael

2017 Graduate I’m Loha Raphael, a life coach and transformation catalyst for soul-driven women. I’m on a mission to help women breakthrough their limiting beliefs, reclaim their power and create lives they love. If you’re ready to explore having more focus, less overwhelm & renewed joy, I’d be honored to connect with you. Visit me […]

Jennifer King

Graduation forthcoming: 2018 I’m Jennifer, and I guide heart-centered women to break through their blocks and show up more authentically in their lives. http://www.authenticalignmentcoaching.com

Kris P-I

2017 Graduate My name is Kris, and I help people use their courage to stop living small and recognize the power of what they bring to the world. Maybe you’ve found yourself shying away from taking risks that are in line with your deepest desires, struggling to maintain people’s approval, or saying things like “I […]

Nena Sivess

I work with interested people to connect them to their minds and bodies through compassionate life coaching. I am a wellness lifestyle coach and I help clients find balance through holistic health and achieving the life of their dreams. I am all about turning mind, spirit and body goals into reality through working one on […]