life coach training near me - Courageous Living Coach Certification
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If you are searching for a life coach training near you (perhaps you found your way here with the search term “life coach training near me”) then the Courageous Living Coach certification is a life coach training program to consider–our training program can be completed from anywhere. We begin with an in-person retreat in California wine country, and then move to a distance learning model that keeps the connection going.

Our program offers you get-up-and-go training materials such as sample pre-session questions and contracts to get you started with creating an online life coaching business from anywhere in the world. The connection is real, the learning is deep, and you can access the materials and instructors from anywhere. Our graduates hail from all over the United States, Canada, the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Italy, and Guatemala.

Learn more about our program by checking out the video below–you can also join the TeamCLCC announcement list to have our course catalogue delivered to your inbox and get access to our hour-long documentary that gives you a preview into what our training is all about.