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Interested in working with a coach from the Courageous Living Coach Certification?

The coach trainees who are listed below have been taking part in the Courageous Living Coach Certification, a life coaching training program that takes a holistic and grounded approach to working with clients.

Where would your life be, thirty days from now, if you had the support of a coaching relationship to work past challenges and blocks, bolster accountability, and put structures into place that support your desires for your life? We are coaches who go deep, get to the truth-truth-truth, and support you in living a life free of limiting doubts.

How do I get started?

Each CLCC coach trainee listed below is offering two free sessions. To work with a coach, click the link next to her name to view her website. If you decide that you’d like to set up sessions, contact the coach and let her know that you’re interested in the “CLCC 2-session intro series.” She’ll welcome you, start the scheduling process, and get to know you a bit with some pre-session questions.


( We’ve closed this for the current year! To work with a CLCC coach as a regular client outside of this offer, head to