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our coaching community

our coaching community

When we say community, we truly do mean community.

There are plenty of life coaching training programs in existence where you can self-study (not a good idea, in our opinion, but they exist). There are plenty of life coach training programs out there where you can decide to just kind of join in on a weekend here-or-there, and you may still receive excellent training and meet plenty of interesting people.

But when we say “community”? We mean…

– a connected cohort, going through an experience, together.
– opening up about all the stuff that Dr. Brene Brown writes about–you know, shame, worthiness, vulnerability, and open-hearted living.
– being with one another when things are difficult, and celebrating the shit out of you when you’re rocking out.

Like right now–as more of our Courageous Living Coach Certification grads finalize their graduation, we’re celebrating with them on the Your Courageous Life Facebook page. We’re also adding them to our grads portal and beginning the process of sending everyone their graduation certificates.

nariah broadus

We’re also planning our free continuing education offerings–the calls and trainings that we’ll invite grads and past participants to join us for, even after they’ve finished their training year with us. We believe in walking our talk, which means providing ongoing coaching skills training for our graduates so that they can continue to refine their skill-set even after graduation.

Our coaching community isn’t about one particular year of our training program. It’s about expanding our community each year, adding to the collective coaches who are truly interested in doing good work that helps people to become stronger, more courageous, more emotionally resilient in this world.

sarah lyman

We celebrate our Team CLCC sisterhood with love and care, supporting one another in the truest sense of the word. Congratulations to another beautiful cohort entering the world!

Interested in our program? Get our course catalogue, here: https://TeamCLCC.com/begin