icf accredited life coach training

“This program changed my life.”

“The community is incredible.”


“I’m not just a better coach–I feel empowered.”


“This program is far more rigorous than anything else I’ve seen.”


“I appreciate that you include diverse and holistic approaches to coaching.”

The Courageous Living Coach Certification is an ICF-accredited life coach and leadership training program. We’re a life-changing program, to help you become a life-changing coach.

Our entire program is accredited by the International Coach Federation for both the ACC and PCC levels.


Our ICF® accredited life coach training and certification program combines community, experiential learning, marketing training, and more to get you started on the path to being a professional life coach.

“There is so much care put into everything that’s done — I felt seen, invested in, and that the Leadership Team and other trainees were right beside me every step of the way, supporting me to grow into the truest expression of myself, as a coach and as a person.”

Kahea Pacheco

“The business support I received helped me to start getting clients immediately and be confident marketing my coaching. I cannot think of a more comprehensive coaching program with more support for you on your journey- both as a person, and as a coach.”

Kim Kimball

The first life you change, will be your own.

“I’ve got the skills I need to be an amazing life coach – from in-session exercises to marketing and everything in-between (like building confidence in those skills and in myself). Personal Growth was built into the program – I could not help but grow; there was time built in for personal contemplation, reflection and processing as a coach and a client. Overall, one of the best professional decisions that I’ve made!”

Maribeth San Pedro Thomas

“I never imagined that I would gain so much value from my CLCC experience. I knew that it was a best-in-class program that had huge value and return on investment, but what really made the difference was the “people” factor. From a well-organized team that truly cares about the participants and brought their own strengths, talents and stories to making us better coaches. As someone with some coaching experience but no formal training I benefited from the skills, vocabulary and the detailed roadmap that Kate and the CLCC program provides for both building a coaching practice and business as well as thinking through client communication and care.”

Dia Draper

Assistant Dean, Tuck School of Business | TED Speaker

A holistic methodology

You’ll learn how to truly connect with clients, help them with fear, and work with emotions. We teach you to go deep, understanding how to really meet clients where they’re at. That starts with you, working on you and learning experientially.

Marketing Resources

We offer basic and advanced marketing resources for you to develop your website + brand. And even after training is over, we offer follow-up marketing office hours for continued support.

Apply your skills

You’ll immediately start practicing what you learn, immersing yourself in developing your own style of coaching. Books are included in the tuition. We support you in taking on paying clients, while you complete your training.

A team you love

You’ll exit our program with connection —personal and professional. As you move forward with marketing and developing your coaching career, you’ll have other people to rely on.

Retreat, with us

Our training kicks off with a retreat where you get to know the other participants.* Our team wants to get to know who you BE, connect you with our group, and start forming the bonds of team and community that can last a lifetime. 

We’re a life coach and leadership training organization without the side of industry b.s.

We had a 99% graduation rate from our 2020 class, but we don’t believe in dumbing down standards to make it easy for just anyone to become a coach.

We believe in…
– Rigorous, ethical standards and a strong coaching and leadership skill-set.
– Changing lives, starting with yours.
– Ongoing continuing education.
– A community-centered, experiential learning model.
– Marketing training included.
– Connection to a community that goes beyond the training.
– Taking on clients, as soon as you begin.

“I joined the CLCC program to learn to be a coach and how to start a business, and the program delivered these skills in spades. But that wasn’t the best stuff I got out of these last few months. More importantly, my life has shifted in some profound ways. I’m stronger, clearer, more confident in all areas of my life.”

Dona Bumgarner

“Becoming a part of the CLCC family has been one of the best decisions of my life. I have transformed my life as a woman, a coach, a friend, a daughter, a citizen, a colleague – pick a relationship and my life has changed. In truth, it’s not that the people in my life have changed but rather I have expanded.”

Loha Raphael

Our graduates have gone on to start top-rated podcasts, write books, take the stage, and gain features in major media outlets.

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Meet the Director

Kate Swoboda

Kate Swoboda

Director of Training and Leadership Development

Welcome! I’m Kate Swoboda, Director of Training for the Courageous Living Coach Certification. 2022 will be our ninth year of the program, and every year has brought an incredible community and new opportunities to learn, stretch, and expand. When we first launched in 2014, it was with the idea that the current coaching paradigm is too narrow: life coach training programs often over-focus on goal-setting and achievement, and furthermore, they do little to prepare coaches for what it’s really like to work for yourself.

We’ve created something different. Today, the CLCC curriculum is modeled after all of the International Coaching Federation “Core Competencies” and combines a person-centered approach to coaching with many other modalities. Our program is ACSTH-accredited by the International Coaching Federation. 

We don’t teach “factory coaching” with one way that you “have to” do it. We want you to learn a coaching skill-set and then include your own stylistic elements as a coach. We also de-emphasize book-learning models in favor of community-centered, experiential learning. Many of our trainees have taken on paying clients before they finish the program!

Created for coaches, by a coach. I became a coach in 2006, and in that time I’ve worked with clients from all over the world, lead retreats, spoken at conferences, and landed a book deal with a traditional publisher. The success of my practice is grounded in one thing: my approach to the craft of coaching. Cookie-cutter just doesn’t cut it.

Let’s be part of a team of coaches committed to changing our lives, so that we can help change the lives of others. This is part of the work of creating a more courageous world. 

“CLCC is anchored in solid, practical knowledge of the skills coaches need to be successful – ranging from how to best support clients to how to be an entrepreneur and grow your business. I loved how the teaching offered was experiential and personal. Far from just a series of assigned readings and assignments, I think one of the program’s biggest strengths is that Team CLCC intentionally fosters open-hearted community with other women. It was the perfect container to dive into the powerful, transformational work of professional development intertwined with personal growth.”

Rachelle Gendron

“Thanks to CLCC, I’ve gone from having never coached a client to being able to confidently coach others on a regular basis. I’ve gained so much experience, been exposed to many different ways to coach, learned how to hold space for clients and build trust with them, and what to do when a session feels like it is not working. I especially appreciated the opportunity to be connected with a community of amazing women who coached and supported me as I explored my relationship to myself and built my confidence as a coach and as a person. The Somatic Major, which challenged me to go outside the comfort zone I established during the year, exposed me to even more new techniques, and pushed my coaching to a different level.”

Sarah Lyman

Meet the Lead Coach Team

You won’t be learning “Kate’s way to coach.” You’ll be discovering your way to lead and to coach, learning from a team of life coach facilitators with different niches, perspectives, approaches and backgrounds.

Valerie Tookes, PCC

Valerie Tookes, PCC

Lead Coach + Health Coach Coordinator

Lara Heacock, MBA, PCC

Lara Heacock, MBA, PCC

Lead Coach + Executive Coach Coordinator

Liz Applegate, PCC

Liz Applegate, PCC

Lead Coach + Mentor Coach Coordinator

Let’s begin

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