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Hey everyone!

It’s Kate Swoboda, Director of the Courageous Living Coach Certification, with an update about our 2019 registration.

Since April, we have had more applications to the program than ever before–literally, three times as many applications. We don’t accept every application, and we go through a careful review process with each application that we receive, proceeding from application to phone call to formally registering for our program.

Because our application process is so thorough, if you are considering our 2019 program we strongly suggest applying sooner, rather than later, as we will have a limited number of phone call times available, when we get to that final week or so before applications close. During our April early-bird registration period, we had applicants who were unable to find an open time for a call.

We are super conscious of not creating a “FOMO” mentality around registering for our program. The CLCC is a significant commitment of your time, and applying earlier and getting a call with us earlier gives you more time to take this process slowly and consider whether or not it’s the right time to join. It’s always more stressful to make a decision before a registration deadline!

If you need our catalogue, head to the TeamCLCC homepage and we can have it delivered to you. The catalogue contains our application process and a link to the application.

We look forward to meeting you!

With care,
Kate + Team CLCC