Every three years, certified graduates will need to renew your certification with our program in order to continue to use it in a professional setting. You can continue to operate as a coach, but if you need CLCC certification in order to work for an employer or in any other capacity where certification is required, you will need to renew your certification every three years.

How can I find out when my certification must be renewed?
All graduates finalize their portfolios in November of the year they attend our training. You’ll need to reach out to us to indicate that you desire recertification three years from that November. So, for instance, if you were certified by us in November 2015, you’d reach out to us in November 2018 to indicate that you desire recertification status. You’ll have until the end of that year to submit all recertification documentation to us.

What are the renewal requirements?
We model this after ICF standards: participation in at least 40 hours of continuing education via either CLCC’s offerings, or an ICF approved offering, or an alternative training offering which you may submit to us with your own written and detailed assessment of how that training offering covers the ICF Core Competencies. We will also need contact information for any programs offered outside of CLCC. Last, you’ll need to receive ten hours of coaching from a certified practicing coach, who will email us independently to confirm that you are their client and have received 10 hours of coaching from them within the three years since your graduation or last renewal.

Can I receive the 10 hours of coaching from a CLCC coach?
As long as they completed all graduation requirements, and as long as their certification has been renewed and has not lapsed, yes.

Does the 10 hours of coaching from a CLCC coach have to be paid?
No. However, we will need a record of hours with the contact info of who you worked with.

Will I have to resubmit a portfolio or portfolio call?

Is there a cost for me to renew my certification?
Yes. It is $100 USD.

Where can I find out about training offerings?
The CLCC’s continuing education catalogue lists our own offerings. The ICF’s offerings should be on their website. Alternative offerings vary. It is the graduate’s responsibility to find appropriate offerings.

I let my certification lapse. Can I renew it?
For 2014 and 2015 graduates, as long as you renew by the end of 2019, you can renew a relapsed certification. For graduates from 2016 and beyond, if you did not renew your certification three years after graduation, your certification has lapsed and you can renew it as long as you don’t let it lapse for more than a year.

Will you pass along my certification to the ICF?
The ICF is a completely separate organization than the CLCC and they are in charge of their own credentialing and certification. While we model most of our guidelines after their standards, they are a separate organization and so we are unable to pass along your certification, to be matched by them.