Reunion Retreat - Courageous Living Coach Certification
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CLCC Reunion Retreat: Oct 26-27, 2019

You know the power of connection.
You felt it in yourself, and with others, at our kick-off retreat.
Now, it’s time to reconnect to yourself + create shifts and new systems that will pave the way for you to have an amazing new year of growth.

What are you creating for your life, in the upcoming year?

No, reallyspecifically, what do you know that you are creating for your life, in the upcoming year?

 In the hustle of our daily lives, we often don’t feel we have time–time to get intentional and present around our goals, time to follow-through on action steps, and…worst of all? 

We don’t feel we have the time to address the (real) root issue: feelings of doubt, uncertainty, or not being “enough” to fully realize our dreams. (Do you spend time on this, daily?)

Our CLCC Reunion Retreat will be exclusively focused on how to set resonant, authentic priorities for the year ahead–the goals that make your heart sing–and then we’ll be getting real about how to make them happen. 

What does “getting real” mean?

It means that we’re examining all of the areas where there’s a gap between what you want for your life and what you have, and filling that gap. We’re busting limiting mindsets. We’re laying out the tools for success that you might be missing. We’re creating an environment where you remember what you’re truly capable of.

This year can be just another year.
Or, it can be a year of profound, transformative change.
Let’s get to planning.

Our CLCC Reunion Retreat will go in-depth on these four areas:


Setting Authentic Priorities

Not someone else’s priorities, not what your life or business “should” look like right now–your priorities. Maybe right now, you’re tired of hustling and your priority is a year of rest. Maybe right now, your priority is to stop resisting the work of making your dreams come true. Setting authentic, intentional priorities for the year means clearing the space to retreat, think, and connect with yourself.

Shifting Beliefs

What holds anyone back in their lives will always have some relationship to a belief system that needs a shake-up. Often, on our own, we don’t even realize where we hold ourselves back. We start by getting clear and learning strategies for shifting old belief systems.


Managing Time (Better)

The best plans in the world aren’t worth much, if we don’t shift our relationship with time. We’ll be teaching you how you can create profound changes in your life, through shifts in how you treat time. If you’ve felt stuck, overwhelmed, and like you’ve got way too much going on, now is your opportunity to set a new course.

Tools That Work

There are small, daily, doable tools that the most successful, grounded, creative, happy people you’ve met are using. These tools don’t feel like “stuff they have to do.” These tools have become behavioral habits. We’re going to go over how to create these new behavioral habits and make them last, without feeling like so much effort.

You’ll end the weekend with more than just dreams.
You will set your priorities,
bust through your own limiting beliefs,
and have a solid plan for the life you are creating,
in the year ahead.

Dates: October 26-27, 2019, 9am – 4pm each day. Arrive the evening of October 25th. Leave the evening of the 27th.*

Location: Petaluma, California (the same small town about 45 minutes north of San Francisco, where we had our initial CLCC retreat).

Cost: $1,000. 

Included: Two full days of live workshop; Workshop materials including a printed and bound planner; Lodging for Friday and Saturday night; breakfast and lunch on Saturday and Sunday.

Early registration bonus: Anyone who registers on or before September 27, 2019 will also receive a one-on-one coaching session with Kate or the CLCC Lead Coach of their choice (Valerie, Lara, Liz), following the retreat.

Additionally, those who register prior to September 27th can utilize an installment plan: $500 deposit, followed by two payments of $250 due October 15th and November 15th. After September 27th, the installment option is no longer available.

*If you would like to stay Sunday evening, add $250.


Oh, and? We haven't forgotten the fun.

The initial CLCC retreat is a mix of fun and learning–but it’s definitely an intensive weekend. This Reunion Retreat will be less intensive on skill-set, and instead will emphasize giving you time to do a deep dive into you and connect with other graduates.


Is this retreat only about growing your business?

No. You get to choose what you want your focus to be–the main emphasis is on setting resonant priorities for the new year and creating systems that you can stick to. Some people who attend will want to focus on growing their business and the work we do will absolutely support that. Others who attend will want to keep things focused on their personal lives, and all of our activities will support that, as well. 

How do I register?

Scroll back up the page and use the “Click to Register” button. It’s bright yellow.

What happens after I register?

We will get an automatic notification of your registration, and from there, we will reach out to you within 2 business days to confirm your registration and get a few travel details from you.

Please note that we always recommend using travel insurance when booking any travel. CLCC/Courageous Living, LLC cannot be responsible for unforeseen emergencies that could cause the retreat to be canceled. (We have never, ever canceled a retreat, but want you to take steps to be able to recoup travel costs in the event of an unavoidable cancellation).

What are we going to cover?

Simply put, you’ll be clarifying and defining what you want to create in your life in 2020, and then putting an action plan together for how to make it happen.

With that said, we’re taking (as always) an experiential approach. You’ll literally be participating in exercises where, having declared your desires for the upcoming year, you are challenged around putting those pieces into place. When we hear you express a limiting belief? We’re going to poke at it. If we see that you’re missing a key piece of what it’s going to take to make that dream come to fruition? We’re going to ask you to stop, regroup (with our coaching) and look at the plan, again.

Whether your goals are personal or business-oriented, there are gaps. There are things you’re not seeing, and you don’t even know it. That’s the power of having someone else looking at your big picture, with you. You’ve experienced how coaching can shift a belief system in an instant. Let’s do that as you plan what you’ve got in store for the coming year.

Will we receive coaching, as part of this retreat?

Yes. You’ll receive live coaching, participate in some small group breakouts, and early-registrants will also get an early-registration bonus: a 60-minute coaching session with Kate or the Lead Coach of their choice, following the retreat.

Who is leading the retreat?

The retreat will be co-facilitated by Kate Swoboda and Valerie Tookes.

Who can attend?

Only current (2019) trainees, past CLCC participants (whether you finalized your portfolio, or not) and past graduates can attend. Anyone who participated with CLCC from 2014-2019 is welcome to register. This retreat is not open to those who are not affiliated with CLCC, or for those who have registered for a future year of CLCC.

It's been awhile. How do I get to/from Petaluma, again?

Petaluma is located approximately 45 minutes north of San Francisco. While you could technically fly in to Oakland or Santa Rosa airports, the easiest shuttle options come out of San Francisco International. Therefore, we strongly suggest choosing “SFO” as your flight destination. 

From the airport, catch the Airport Express shuttle bus that leaves SFO hourly. We don’t recommend a rental car, as you really only need it to get to/from the airport. Lyft/Uber are great options if you need them within Petaluma, and otherwise, Petaluma is very walkable.

Choose a flight that will get you into SFO Friday afternoon (Friday October 25th). Take the Airport Express shuttle from SFO to Petaluma. Check in for the retreat on Friday evening. We begin on Saturday morning. Check out of your room on Sunday morning, and leave Sunday evening, or arrange to book an additional evening with us on Sunday evening and leave Monday morning. 

I'd like to fly in early/leave late. How does that work?

Register for the Reunion Retreat using the registration button. Then, email and let us know that you want to fly in early/stay late. Each night of lodging is an additional $250. The retreat is held Saturday, October 26th and Sunday, October 27th until 4pm each day. Your lodging for Friday night and Saturday night is already included, so you’d only need to pay the additional $250 if you planned to arrive Thursday night or stay Sunday evening.

Another option: arrange your own lodging for Thursday night or Sunday evening. AirBnb can provide great options throughout Petaluma, or, use a site like Hotwire and fly in to San Francisco and stay at an inexpensive hotel just outside the airport.

I live locally. Can I stay off-site and just attend each day?

Yes, but because we are purchasing lodging options as a group, the cost does not change.

I have dietary restrictions. What do I do?

Meals for this retreat will be group meals and you’ll be able to choose from a wide range of your own options at local Petaluma restaurants. Breakfast and lunch on Saturday and Sunday are included in your retreat tuition.

What about after the retreat?

We will be running a 30-day program through the CLCC Grads portal, following our retreat, to help with staying consistent and accountable around the goals you’ve set.

For those of you who register by September 27th, there will be an early-registration bonus: a one-on-one coaching call with Kate or the Lead Coach fo your choice, following the retreat. This coaching session is to be used in November/December of 2019.

Any other questions?
Reach out to us at and we’re happy to answer your questions. We hope to see you at the retreat!