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somatic coaching certification

somatic coaching certification

Through somatic coaching, you help your clients learn how to better tune in to their intuition, deepest longings, and internal compass of what’s best for them when making decisions. Through our somatic coaching intensive, you’ll start by applying somatic coaching to your own life.

– What might it be like, to have immediate access to your own internal sense of “knowing” when interacting with others, making decisions, or facing challenges?
– What sort of wisdom do you possess, beyond cognitive-behavioral “logic”?
– Have you always felt that you’re more inclined to feel things, than to verbally think through things?

Somatic coaching is particularly beneficial for those who tend to feel first, and articulate second.

These are the sorts of questions that someone seeking somatic coaching could benefit from exploring. As a life coach with specialized training in Somatic Coaching, you can help clients reach deeper levels of awareness about their lives and how they habitually respond to life’s challenges, helping them to emerge with more confidence and an embodiment of what they know to be true about themselves.

Somatic Coaching Coordinator: Kate Swoboda.

Dates: August – September . See the CLCC Continuing Ed catalogue for required call times.
Open to: applicable past CLCC participants/grads, only
Registration deadline: June 16
Cost: $495


Note: we differentiate somatic coaching from trauma coaching. As an organization, we believe that it’s ethically irresponsible for a life coach with limited training and no professional and organizational oversight to attempt to help “heal” someone who has experienced major trauma. We caution you against working with anyone who styles themselves as being able to help clients work fully through experiences such as sexual abuse, PTSD, or other trauma, when they have not received licensure and do not have years of training from other qualified professionals in their background.