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Hey, you! Welcome to the tribe!

If you’ve arrived at this page because you were redirected after submitting your registration? Fabulous–this means that you’ve submitted your registration deposit for the Courageous Living Coach Certification (aka, “TribeCLCC”).

We’ll be following up with you to share a digital copy of our Agreement (the one that you were able to review prior to submitting your deposit) for signing.

Until we get close to the retreat in January, things will be a bit quiet. Kate will be getting a travel-related document out to everyone in the fall (probably October)–it shares everything from public transportation options from the airport (if you are flying in) to what to bring.

As we get closer to the retreat, she’ll also be reaching out to you to find out about things like food and room preferences, as well as open up our community so that you can start meeting the other participants. Interested in having a single room? Reach out to with the subject line “SINGLE ROOM QUESTION” to see if any are available and if so, what the single room fee is.

Sometimes, people are so excited that they just did one brave thing (sign up for the program!) that they want to keep it going and do a few more. So, here are a few other things that you could do (if you wanted to) to prepare:

  • Sign up for a Google Plus account and turn on Google Drive. We share some of our documents with trainees using Google Drive and Google Plus.
  • If you don’t already have a PayPal account set up, we recommend it. You’ll begin invoicing clients as early as February in our program, and having the account set up now will save you a step, later.
  • Start thinking about scheduling. The course catalogue PDF says that you’ll want to have about 10 hours a week to devote to the program. You’ll have program calls from 5:30-7:30 Pacific on Thursdays, and 10am-noon Pacific on Saturdays. The calendar is in the course catalogue PDF, if you want to see the specific dates for calls.
  • You would also want to decide where you will schedule two different 2-hour blocks (4 hours, total) each week for swapping sessions with other trainees or holding sessions with private clients. Most weeks, there will be four hours of program calls, four hours of giving/receiving coaching, and you could reserve two hours for homework.
  • You could sign up for a free call account with UberConference. We will be using UberConference for some of our conference calls.
  • Last–and this is, again, optional!–you may want to purchase a hosting package and reserve your name as a domain name. Our program includes marketing training that starts in May of each year, but reserving your domain name just so that you have it on hand will save you that step, later. We recommend getting your first and last name with a “dot come” (e.g., or, if that isn’t available, the format FirstLastNameCoach (e.g., We recommend the least expensive Shared Hosting package with Dreamhost, which is $11/monthly and includes a free domain name registration when you sign up. (And again, this is optional and if you find this to be a stressful move to contemplate? Just put it on the back burner and return to it some other time).

We will be in touch to welcome you with a personal email and we will be sending out updates as we get closer and closer to our retreat and the program’s kick-off. Please always reach out, if you have questions. We are here and we are more than happy to help!

Big love from TribeCLCC! We can’t wait to meet you in person at our January retreat.