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Become a life coach online

become a life coach online

If you are considering becoming a life coach, you might be wondering if it’s possible to become a life coach online , or if you’re required to attend an in-person training. The answer? You can absolutely become a life coach online using an online training program.

The Courageous Living Coach Certification is actually a hybrid: our online training program starts with an in-person retreat weekend in northern California, every January. This required component of the training allows participants to not just accrue hours, but to bond as a group (and we don’t think it hurts that there’s a fun retreat weekend!). To become a coach online doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice the in-person component, with our program!

Become a life coach online

After the initial retreat weekend in January, we move to a tele-class format, where people from around the world call in for weekly lessons and access a private trainee library of resources. Using a conference call line that allows people to “raise hands” just as they would in a physical, in-person classroom, we can do small group exercises and go over examples in real time of how you would coach someone.

Trainees also swap coaching sessions with one another, staying in regular contact with one another, and meeting in small group masterminds, which rounds out our virtual community.

To become a life coach online certainly requires that someone has some skills with being self-directed, meaning that they would need to be able to look at the assignments for a week and complete them without needing someone to push them the way they might be pushed in an in-person environment.

In our program, we recommend that participants reserve at least ten hours weekly for calls, swapping sessions, and working through lesson content. Someone who decides to become a life coach through a training program delivering online content would need to be accountable to the deadlines of the program and staying in touch with the other participants.

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