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In this episode of the Craft of Coaching Podcast, I’m talking about how life coaches make money. I’m not necessarily getting into the “nuts and bolts” of marketing (you can check out the Coaching Blueprint digital marketing program, for that). Rather, in a sea of “Follow my Six Figure Sparkle Plan” Facebook ads, it can get confusing to understand just how life coaches make money and how long it’ll take to realistically get your business up and running.

Some people would tell me that I’m crazy for publishing this episode, because rather than make it all seem quick n’ easy, I’m going to be real about the work and hustle that is required–but the great thing about doing things this way, of course? I can sleep at night, knowing that I’ve treated our profession and my work with integrity.

Can you make money as a life coach? Absolutely.
Will it require time and effort (just as it does in every other legit business out there)? Absolutely.

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