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Earlier this year, Laura Simms and I had a webinar where we discussed life coach training courses and what it’s really like to be a life coach (there are so many life coach training courses out there, so we touched on things that we think are important for the coaching skill-set, as well as what it’s like after you’re out there on your own, growing your coaching business).

I was so happy to bring her to the Craft of Coaching podcast for SEASON TWO. In this episode, we talk about how she helps her clients start to shift out of feeling stuck around their careers, including:

The importance of client education to help clients see what’s possible.
How to break big life questions into more specifics, with your clients.
The power of a “Hell, no!” list.
How community helps your clients.


The Courageous Living Coach Certification offers life coach training courses for soon-to-be life coaches and coaches who have some experience with prior training, but who want to add in a more holistic skill-set. Learn more about our online life coach training program (which starts with an in-person retreat) at , where you can get our course catalogue.

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