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ethical issues

If you believe that a graduate of our program has violated one of our Code of Ethics, please let us know more information so that we can investigate what has happened.


If there is a concern regarding the ethical behavior of a CLCC trainee, CLCC facilitator, Lead Coach, Mentor Coach, or anyone else in our organization who may have violated the ICF Code of Conduct as reported on the ICF website, please reach out to us at Please let us know the details of the issue so that we can be of assistance.

When an ethical issue is reported to our team, we convene an Ethical Review Board. This Board shall be comprised of two current CLCC coaches, one coach from outside the program who is willing to review the issue, and optionally, the person who is the subject of the ethical issue may choose one life coach who has been fully certified by any training program and who has been certified for a time period of at least two years, to become part of the Board and review the issue. The life coach who is selected by the subject of the ethical issue is not compensated for their time or participation with the Ethical Review Board. All Board members must sign a non-disclosure agreement pledging to maintain confidentiality around the issue, and Board members agree not to discuss the issue with either the person who brought the complaint nor the subject of the complaint until a final decision has been reached.

The Board’s first step will be to collect more information from the complainant regarding the issue that arose: who, what, when, where, why, and how the issue happened. The complainant may be asked to share additional documentation with the Board regarding the incident. The complainant will be asked how they believe the issue should be resolved.

The Board will present the issue to the subject of the complaint, and the subject of the complaint will be given a time period of two weeks to respond to the issues brought to the Board’s attention. The Board will ask the subject of the complaint to provide further information and explanation, and will also ask them to share how they believe the issue should be resolved.

After two weeks, the Board will consider the information and suggestions for resolution that have been offered, and the Board will have a period of 30 days to make a specific recommendation for resolution. The Board may make specific recommendations for reparation, resolution, making an amends, or further education and training. The Board may decide to revoke CLCC certification if it is found that egregious violations to either the CLCC Code of Ethics or ICF Code of Ethics have taken place. All certified graduates of the Courageous Living Coach Certification should be aware that certification can be revoked if a graduate has been found to violate the CLCC’s Code of Ethics.