ICF Certification and Life Coach Training - Courageous Living Coach Certification
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Johanna Schram found that with the Courageous Living Coach Certification, she wasn’t rushed into trying to “Pick a niche! Be a coach! Get out there and make money!” before she had even had a chance to learn the skill-set. Instead, we emphasize a holistic, experiential, community-driven model where people get a chance to breathe…learn…get curious…try things out…and really see what kind of coach they want to be. Even more? There’s an opportunity to truly learn how to trust yourself, fully, and use those self-coaching tools as the basis for providing great coaching for your clients.

Our program provides a path to ICF Certification and life coach training, as we’re ICF accredited and our graduates can pursue ICF Certification at the ACC level. We’re thrilled to support people not just professionally, but personally.