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leadership team

The Courageous Living Coach Certification is made up of a core leadership team of Lead and Mentor Coaches.

Lead Coaches are those coaches who are in a facilitation and teaching role.

Mentor Coaches are graduates of the program who desire to continue doing ongoing work with the program, in a volunteer capacity. Mentor Coaches may take on various roles that involve facilitation and teaching in a supervised capacity, and will offer feedback to trainees, while also receiving continued support and leadership skills from the Lead Coaches.

It is an unpaid volunteer role for learning facilitation and leadership skills, as well as getting insight into the behind-the-scenes of running a large-scale program such as the CLCC.

How can I apply to be a Mentor Coach?

Mentor Coach spots are by invitation, only. We wait to make any decisions about invitations until after we’ve reviewed the trainee’s final graduation portfolio (the fall of each year).

How are Mentor Coaches chosen/invited? What qualities are you looking for?

The Lead Coaches invite graduates to become Mentor Coaches based on a few factors, not all of them quantifiable.

First, there’s chemistry and compatibility with the overall leadership team.

Second, we look to see regular and consistent participation with the course content. Mentor Coaches from years past have been those trainees who participated without prompting, and who often volunteered help in some capacity to their fellow trainees. Mentor Coaches need to be comfortable with being very, very visible among the trainees.

Third, we look to work with Mentor Coaches who are bringing a good balance of vulnerability with their own process, and self-management. As a trainee, there’s a lot of space to be in one’s own process and the rest of the leadership team is holding the “container” of that process. As a member of the leadership team, Mentor Coaches need to be able to show vulnerability and be transparent about their processes for new trainees, while also self-managing enough to be able to contain that so that they can fulfill their leadership role.

If invited to become a Mentor Coach, what are the next steps?

We’ll give invited participants an application, and make a decision, from there.

If I’m not invited to become a Mentor Coach, does this mean that the leadership team doesn’t like me? Or that I’m not a good enough coach?

No! We adore all of our trainees/graduates. The decision isn’t one that’s personal so much as it is one that just needs to–for lack of a better phrase–“feel right” to the entire leadership team. Sometimes a trainee or graduate has exemplified all of the qualities that we would love to see in our leadership team, and yet there’s some kind of hesitance that can’t quite be articulated.

When that arises, we believe that it’s better not to force things. If a capital-S Story is coming up that this is personal, we sincerely hope that you’ll receive some coaching around this and/or consider alternatives. We’re only interested in the love. If there’s a direct reason that we can articulate for why a trainee or graduate is not invited, we will offer that, if we can.