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life coach training online

People wonder if it’s possible to really learn the skill-set of life coaching from an online training program. The short answer? Yes.

The Courageous Living Coach Certification is an online life coach training program that teaches life coaches a holistic approach. Our methodology has been called “courageous” and “coaching training” combined into one “courageous coaching method” by some of our trainees.

We start with a bay area life coach training weekend each January, where we meet in person. Of course, people who want to become a life coach who are also from the San Francisco bay area are also welcome to attend. However, since this life coach training program is held online, after we have our bay area life coach training weekend we’ll meet for weekly online classes in life coach training from February through September.

Life Coach Training Classes Online

How does one learn life coaching in an online training environment? We utilize a lesson library that holds a mixture of PDF and audio lessons, and interaction between participants is strongly encouraged. Because some of our life coach trainees are from the San Francisco bay area, they might get together locally to hold sessions, but others who are taking this life coach training program online might decide to hold their training calls via Skype. All of our life coach training classes are held via group teleconference lines, and sometimes we utilize breakout sessions so that small groups can work together while on the call.

Bay Area Life Coach Certification

Some people are looking for a life coach certification program based in the San Francisco bay area. While the Courageous Coaching Training Program is a life coaching program that certifies you in our methodology, you don’t need to live in the San Francisco Bay area in order to attend or to become certified as a life coach.

How to Become a Life Coach

Many people ask “how” you become a life coach. The answer is pretty straightforward: you decide to open a practice. The real question is whether or not you will decide to train to become a life coach before you hang out a shingle to declare yourself as one. The Courageous Living Coach Certification program utilizes many of the guidelines of the International Coaching Federation’s Core Competencies. To learn more about the program, join the opt-in list and you’ll receive a full-color PDF with all the information about how to participate in the program. This life coach training program will begin enrolling again, soon, and the only way to get information about joining is via the list.

“Courageous” and “Coaching Method”

Why do we call this online life coach certification the “Courageous Living Coach Certification”? Because some of our trainees have described our method as a courageous coaching method, an approach to learning and applying courage to the life coach training skill-set. We consider our courageous coaching training program to be one that puts learning about yourself, your fears, and cultivating courage as the heart of what we do.