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life coaching + a full time job

life coaching and full time job

So…this life coaching and full-time job equation…how does that work?

If you’re going to become a life coach while you have a full-time job, you’ve got to do a few things.

1. You’ve got to be clear about your priorities. Yes, the time you spend in coach training or building your business is going to mean that you’ll need to say “no” to other things. But consider that in the overall span of your very short life, this is a blip. The nine months you spend in coach training? A blip. The years you spend building a business foundation? Once you get going–in a full-time job as a life coach–those years become something of a blip, too, the first day that you don’t have to wake up to an alarm clock and haul yourself into a car for an awful commute…to work for a soul-sucking job that you absolutely hate.

2. You’ve got to align your time, with your priorities. Family? Priority. Health? Priority. Dream career to make life coaching your full-time job? Also something that will need to be a priority. So ask yourself whether or not Facebook, Netflix, or adding to your Pinterest board is your truest priority. When your boss at your soul-sucking job asks you to take on twenty little tasks that aren’t even really part of your job description? You’ll need to get better about saying no, or about bowing out of such tasks in some other way such as delegating them.

3. You’ve got to not obsess about what it takes to make your priorities…your priorities. If it takes getting up early? Focus on the benefit of that, rather than grousing about getting up early. (And please, know that I’m sharing this with kindness. I completely understand that the resistance that we face when we need to make these sacrifices is, certainly, tough stuff. But if it really matters to you? You won’t complain as much about doing what it takes). Focus more on the positive outcome you’re working towards, than the negative aspects of the resistance you feel.

Doing the life coaching and full time job thing is going to be tough. It’s going to require time and commitment. You won’t be able to quit your salaried job right away, and that fact is usually a bit of a downer for people.

But for most people, it feels better to spend your life making (temporary) sacrifices in the name of what you truly want, than it does to to make forever sacrifices–in the form of feeling less than lit up about our careers–in the name of a soul-sucking job.