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Life Coaching Skills : Establishing the Session Focus

life coaching skills

There are many life coaching skills that you’ll want to gain confidence in using, if you decide to become a life coach. What’s the first life coaching skill you’ll use during every session? Establishing the session focus.

In this short audio–which is an actual audio from our training program–we’ll guide you through the process of taking a large, vague desire for change and transforming it into a specific focus for that day’s coaching session.

(Note: the audio mentions a worksheet, which is not included in this short sample of the larger CLCC lesson. A piece of paper also works!)

Life Coaching Skills

Our life coach training program aligns itself with the ICF Core Competencies. Our holistic and courageous methodology empowers trainees to start shifting and changing in their own lives as they learn about how to help others shift, change, and grow.

Life coaching skills take time to learn and require real-time experience, which we provide through our curriculum’s emphasis on joining professional mastermind groups, holding one-on-one life coaching skill drill sessions, and through the mentorship of our leadership team.

Join Us

Learn more about us by getting our catalogue, at We’ll send you information about our life coach training program, tuition, installments, and everything that’s included (including our kick-off retreat in Sonoma wine country, where we begin the process of laying out life coaching skills by giving you direct practice with the concepts).

We’re looking forward to getting to know you!

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